Linking Newton & Rockdale’s Un/Underinsured to Quality, Affordable Healthcare.

Who We Are

Newton Rockdale Health Finder links un/underinsured residents of Newton and Rockdale counties to quality, affordable healthcare resources.

Those without health insurance often have less access to care, receive poorer quality of care, and experience worse health outcomes. They delay or go without needed care because of cost. They are less likely to seek preventative care and services for chronic diseases or major health conditions. Hence, their health and well-being are at much greater risk. 

Newton Rockdale Health Finder helps narrow the gap and connect our un/underinsured residents to quality healthcare providers that are ready and willing to care for them so they can live their best lives.

Providers listed on this site accept at least one of these forms of payment as an alternative to private health insurance:
Medicare, Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids®, sliding fee scale, or self-pay.

Newton Rockdale Health Finder is powered by the GNR Public Health as part of their work to address health inequities in our community.

If you are a community-based organization that would like to help market this resource to the community, please email us.